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These fall on ground and leach with rain water to canals and rivers.

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Setting up of effluent and sewage treatment plants to treat waste water can reduce the pollution load in the recipient water.This process will promotes the growth of oxygen consuming algae (algal bloom), especially the blue-green algae which produce cynotoxics can cause poisoning to humans and animals.

Household cleaning products, painting supplies emit toxic chemicals in the air and cause air pollution.If you are using chemicals that may be harmful to the environment, store them correctly.Regular intake of polluted water may cause sclerosis, skin legions, and problems in blood circulation, mineral deposits in bones, certain cancers and disease of the nervous system.In my essay, I explore the causes of pollution and its effects on the planet.One of the biggest threats for the developing countries is the disease caused by polluted water cholera caused by drinking water to Malaria where mosquitoes breed on polluted stagnant water.Our Marking Service will help you pick out the areas of your work that need improvement.

Bioaccumulation and bio-concentration result in buildup in the adipose tissue of successive trophic levels: zooplankton, small nekton, larger fish etc.

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Acidification - Acidification, particularly of lakes, results from precipitation of sulphur and nitrogen oxides emitted by industries and automobiles.Read this article to learn about the sources, effects and cause and effect essay about land pollution control of land pollution.

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Oxygen depleting wastes: These are organic wastes that can be decomposed by aerobic bacteria.

Air Pollution cause and effect on pollution essay Facts That Will Totally Blow You Away.Large amount of human waste in water increase the number of bacteria such as Escherichia coli and streptococcus species which cause gastro intestinal diseases.About 29 million gallons of petroleum enters the oceans off North America each year, shows a new study by the National Research Council.Acidification, particularly of lakes, results from precipitation of sulphur and nitrogen oxides emitted by industries and automobiles.

They will break down the organic matter(can be harmfull) into harmless materials as H2O and CO2.Cause effect essay about pollution. 3 Harmful Effects of Plastic Bags Causing Environmental Pollution.

Temperature Changes - Temperature changes from waste heat discharges can cause pollution when their elevation reduces dissolved-oxygen levels, accelerates eutrophication, affects ecological processes and blocks migration paths of fishes.How To Outline A Cause And Effect Essay On Environmental Pollution.

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The growth of oxygen consuming algae, which deoxygenates water mostly kill the nearest fish and other animals is referred to as eutrophication.

Similarities include subsequent negative environmental effects such as anoxia, and severe reductions in water quality, fish and other animal populations may occur.Nixon (1995) defined it as an increase in the rate of supply of organic matter in an ecosystem.

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