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Writing a news article is different from writing other articles or informative pieces because news articles present.Beginning reporters often view the writing of obituaries with disdain.

Example Death Notices for the newspaper obituary To write a death notice you must remember to add five things, 1) Surname 2) Where the deceased passed away 3) Date.Most newspapers require obituaries to be written in a specific style, so take a.Writing an obituary can be a very painful challenge especially if you are close to the deceased.Formatted and ready to use with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or any other word processor that can open the.DOC file format.

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This article contains tips on how to write an obituary as well as instructions on submitting an obituary.An article is a written work published in a print or electronic medium.Information on using and writing an obituary for, booklets and bookmarks.An obituary template provides an easy way to create newspaper obituaries or obituary programs.

How to write an obituary, guidelines and suggestions

Ten lessons to help you integrate the newspaper into your classroom curriculum.Related Articles How to Choose a Baptismal Name How to Make a Memorial Book How to Write a Eulogy How to Pay Your Respects when Someone You Know Dies.

She was the daughter of William and the late Jennifer (Jones) Evans.Born February 28, 1930, in La Jolla, California, he was the son of the late Patrick M.If you are in dire need to write an obituary for a newspaper then you can seek help from these free obituary templates.He has more than 15 years experience in the funeral industry developing and marketing funeral technology.

If this question (or a similar one) is answered twice in this section, please click here to let us know.You still have some room to write what you want, but if your obituary falls outside the style guidelines of the paper, your work will be heavily edited.Learn how to write a short obituary using our free short obituary template that makes short obituary writing easier.All the information you need to know to craft the perfect death notice or obituary.It can be very hard to find the courage to write an announcement of their death for the newspapers, and other public media.You should have the obituary typed, and you should send it in electronic form if this is acceptable.

There are 2 basic styles of obituary, a short obituary, and a longer more detailed obituary.Using a template for writing obituary will help make the process easier and.You can decide whether you want to mention where specifically the person died and if his family was there.Adam Harold Bell, age 82, of San Diego, California, died Sunday night, March 25, 2012 at his home surrounded by his family.

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Sara Norma Butler, 78, of Detroit, died at 11:00 AM, Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at The Detroit Hospice Center in Detroit, Michigan.Pick up the local paper that will be printing your obituary and read as many obituaries as you can.Dozens of obituary templates you can download and print for free.

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Before you start writing your obituary, you should make sure that the obituary will be printed in the local paper and you have all the information. is a global network of online obituaries that provides timely news of death and allows users to pay respect and celebrate life.Some newspapers now charge for obituaries but offer free death notices.

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