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Physically Amani is observed and found to be healthy and normal child since she continues to show physical activeness and physical involvement in every activity that a child of four year old is supposed to do such as walking, running, bending, carrying objects, and rolling.Child Development Observation. another stage of child development. related to child development.She seems to show good memory like sugar is added in tea and how to use the eating objects.Child Observation Paper Jason Betts Pacific Oaks College November 12, 2012 The purpose of this. paper is to discuss and review my.I was very emotional and nervous and this may have come across during my presentation.According to Gambrell (1994) the child who is motivated to learn has many reasons to read and it also includes knowledge gaining, on the other hand Amani is not observed for reading, which can prove her learning motivation.A. J. then uses a sticker to mount the letters adjacent to every picture he has drawn thus giving the pictures names.These include crayons of different colors, alphabetical letter-box, blade, and a pencil. A.J. is drawing his pictures on top of a flat low-sized table.

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I was also very anxious about how this process would affect me as a parent and my parenting skills or lack of it was an intense moment.She has good imagining, creative ability and problem solving attitude.Child Observation Essay Examples. A Study on Child Abuse by Rohini Nagu and Vardini Kothari. 2,365 words. 5 pages. A Narrative of Child Abuse and the Importance.Secondly I learnt that observation is a skill that is learnt and acquired with training and practice.The overall development of Amani is observed to be normal and healthy.Children can therefore not learn unless they actively interact with their environment.

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Facial expression is observed as maturely because she intends to smile all the time whenever she is amused to show her pleasure.There is great relevance of physical development with intellectual development, because if a child physically not fit or shows problems like little movement, hesitation, and inactive, all these symptoms show inefficient intellectual development of child.She has been observed as cooperative and with high self-esteem- valuing herself as a person and confident.Later on she is in her classroom sitting on floor along with her all classmates, she is smiling and has her eyes on her teacher, and paying attention to what teacher is saying intently.However, she shows little lack of control over her emotions like when she is in her play area to plant a seed in soil she snatched the scoop from her classmate who refuses to hand her that scoop, though there is not any intense situation yet she looks little out of control of her emotions.It is essential to note that while there may be a few disadvantages as social workers the skill of observation is crucial to the day to day practice (Tanner 1995 pg 50).

She continues to responds the teacher apparently pleasantly and in expressive way.This is due to the fact that decisions and actions have far reaching consequences it helps to come to objective conclusions while dealing with a family.Despite the advantages of the observation there were a few disadvantages such as: I felt that one hour was a very short time and I was not getting the whole picture from the family.

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This sample paper covers the questions you should be asking yourself before beginning your observation.

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Naturalistic Observation of a Child essay, buy custom Naturalistic Observation of a Child essay paper. which are critical in influencing a child development.

Get help with your Vancouver referencing with our free online tool.The importance of keeping eye contact and the audience interested in the subject matter, I had to ensure that the group was clear on the points that were being made.My peers had an opportunity to ask questions and this helped me make my points clearer.In addition, she is observed to use short sentences and no difficulties and hesitation in speaking.Cognitive development is greatly enhanced through active involvement and participation of children in various activities.Emotionally Amani is observed to be independent as she is able to walk around freely without any hesitation.

The boy in this case has managed to successfully develop a mental representation of what a house is through assimilation.This was a lesson for me and to realise that in practice there may be situations that will test my values beliefs and that I have to deal with them in a professional way.

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A.J is a four year old African-American boy at Kid Care Child Development Centre.

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Our free online Harvard Referencing Tool makes referencing easy.As part of the process I had to present my findings to the group and use PowerPoint presentation on reflection I learnt a great deal.As a social worker one requires good written and verbal communication skills and I believe that through presenting to the group I demonstrated the skills above.The sensing and concept formation of Amani is observed in play area where she makes pudding with wax dough, where she is asked about the wax and she responds correctly of the question that wax is soft and it shows great understanding and conceptualization of the girl.At the start of the observation I felt very uncomfortable being in unfamiliar territory, I felt that it was unfair for me to subject this family to my own values, principles and prejudices.Because physical development mainly depends on the body growth and nervous system that sends message from the brain to body it demonstrates the muscles to motivate them to move.Amani is found to have large movement of her body and her finger by using pencils and writing.

Amani is intellectually observed remarkable as she shows intellect of mind and especially of knowledge and understanding.As I observed the child I realised that I learnt a great deal not only as an observer but as a mother and reflection on my own childhood, upbringing and previous job role.The child is also developing self-esteem and autonomy out of his creativity demonstrated in the activities which makes the teacher to praise him.I was more aware of how power and hierarchies operate and how relatively powerless position of children, and this is clearly emphasised by (Fawcett 2009 pg18).However, Amani is observed as an active, balanced and interactive child yet it has been observed that she has very little double-sided interaction with her classmates.

Service Write my Essay Paper Writing Service Write my Paper Accounting Paper.The attention and concentration level is highly related to her responsive attitude.There is such as no sudden change in behavior or language tone.

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