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Display your own point of view as to why that event happened.

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Create a Twitter Feed: Or, students can create a fake Twitter feed documenting a news story, paying attention to time stamps and author tone, such as we suggested in this lesson about the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.Or, you might just pick one article about a divisive topic (politics, war, social issues) and see how different news sources have handled the subject.Let students take the role of campaign strategists and candidates.

Current events tend to be popular topics for college essay assignments.These suggestions help foster a love of the print edition of The New York Times in students looking to connect current events to.

In Canada, it will soon be a law that transgender people cannot be treated differently than other people are treated.In-case you borrow someone else idea, make sure that you recognize that by putting the idea or the phrase in quotation.

Latest Online and up to the minute breaking news for current events, latest headlines and photos.

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The Cochrane Eagle, your source for Cochrane news, events, and community.A current event essay will address the historical context and long term effects of a given aspect of current happenings in the world.This is the third straight year the NBA playoffs have come down to these two teams.

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The room will be buzzing with students asking and answering questions.

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Take a look at these Tips for talking to kids about difficult news.

An organ is a group of tissues that has a specific function in the body.You can use the Visual Thinking Strategies facilitation method to ask open-ended questions, letting students make meaning out of the cartoons.The British Prime Minister may be regretting her decision to call an early election.Begin with introduction paragraph which should state the actual current event.These custom papers should be used as guides and for study or research purposes only.

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Last year, Cleveland won and the year before, Golden State won.Getting Kids Reading This website is a companion to Getting Kids Reading.And this post, about reading strategies for informational text, has much more.For more detailed instructions on this activity, consult our teacher instructions.In honor of National News Engagement Day, here are 50 ideas to help teachers bring current events into the classroom, grouped below by category.

They have been trying to figure out if some people in Russia influenced the US election, and helped get Trump elected. (No outside country is allowed to affect the results of a US election.).Analyze all the factors that were involved in the perpetrating the happening of that event.It says no one can discriminate against transgender people. (In this case discriminate means treat them differently than they would be treated if they were not transgender.).

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Or, suggest ways that you and others your age can take action on an issue you care about.Students can use simple mnemonics, like those developed at the Center for News Literacy, to evaluate the reliability of an article and the sources it relies on.The best way to proof your essay is to make a print out copy and go through it.Get inspired by the winners from our 2015 contest, and start polishing your rhymes for this year.Super Soul Sister, Sharon Jones Remembered Lovingly By Fans, Friends, and Family.At this point look at any positive thing that the event has brought in place.

Through my studies and observational experiences, I believe there is no better way to prepare studenst for the real world than connecting them to current events.

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Write a Rap or Song: Each December, we ask students to compose a rap about important and memorable events from the past year.Essay on current event need one to be very original on their argument.GKR is a non-profit website with tips, ideas, activities and games to help parents encourage their kids to become lifelong readers.Explain the significance of all this events to you or to the society.Hold a Debate: Want your students to be able to develop arguments and support a point of view on current issues.But before that happens, the spacecraft will make a series of dives between Saturn and its rings, sending photographs and other information back to Earth.Learn From Our Mistakes: There are several places in the newspaper where you can see corrections and analysis of where The Times has made a misstep.

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